What on earth is happening to our country?  Before you answer, watch this video of police putting a father in handcuffs in front of his six-year old daughter for supposedly violating social distancing rules and then get back to me.

Matt Mooney, who’s 33-year-old, was playing tee-ball with his wife and daughter at a Colorado park on Sunday afternoon when he was approached by police.  They accused him of violating social distancing rules.  When the cops demanded he provide identification, he wouldn’t.  He knew what he was doing wasn’t wrong.  In fact, I’d argue it was completely right!  Nothing is better than hanging out with their family… especially in these hard times.

Here are the details from KDVR:

“She’s like, ‘Daddy, I don’t want you to get arrested.’ At this point I’m thinking, ‘There’s no way they’re going to arrest me, this is insane.’ I’m telling her, ‘Don’t worry, Daddy’s not going to get arrested. I’ve done nothing wrong. Don’t worry about it,’ and then they arrest me.”

Former Brighton City Councilman Kirby Wallin recorded much of the incident on his cellphone, where you can hear his voice narrate the scene.

“He’s being taken by the Brighton police for playing softball with his daughter in an empty park,” Wallin said.

In an interview with the Problem Solvers, Wallin said, “I find it hard to believe with all the things going on in our communities, the only way to resolve a situation like this was to handcuff a father in front of his daughter.”

The sign at Donelson Park said “Closed” but in smaller print reads, “in groups of no more than 4 persons, parks remain open for walking, hiking, biking, running and similar activities.”

So, what’s the deal?  Was he wrong to be with his family in a public place that had a posted sign giving permission?  Of course not.  In fact, if you look at the video closely, you’ll see exactly who was violating the social distancing rules.

“During the contact, none of the officers had masks on, none of them had gloves on, and they’re in my face handcuffing me, they’re touching me,” Mooney said.

The police put the father in the back of a police car and kept him there ten minutes. This incredible overreaction reminds of this scene on Parks and Recreation, in which a dictator explains why they have such a peaceful nation: jail.

Funny clip, but what’s happening here is not.

I ask you again: what is happening to our country?  When all of this is over, will we still have the freedoms we once enjoyed?

We must be vigilant now to keep our liberties.

Hat Tip: KDVR 

Image Credit: PXHere

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