WTVR CBS 6 Richmond‏Verified account @CBS6 Aug 13

WTVR CBS 6 Richmond‏Verified account @CBS6 Aug 13

CNN’s Jake Tapper went on a Twitter tirade this week when he documented the horrific violence committed against journalists in the week’s violent protests:

He tweeted:

The Antifa screed on Facebook, which Tapper pointed out as deception, claimed that the journalist was drunk, that he didn’t identify himself as a reporter, that the Antifa group was afraid of him because he was white, and that he was “combative, aggressive, and advancing with violence.”  They also claimed not to know who hit the man, but that it was all his fault.  He, they claimed, represented the “army of the rich.”  (Read it all here.)

What’s interesting about Tapper’s series of Tweets is that he is correctly calling out Antifa… a horrible, evil group that is bent on dividing this nation.  They’ve shown up on college campuses protesting normal, average conservative thinkers — they are not protesters fighting the good fight against racists.  As Twitchy points out, you can’t even trust the AP’s definition of Antifa:

The AP helpfully explained that the antifa “is comprised of far-left-leaning militant groups that resist neo-Nazis and white supremacists.” Unfortunately for some of those who’ve been brutalized by members of the antifa, the movement’s definition of neo-Nazis is awfully broad, often including Trump supporters in general.

While it’s great that Tapper is pointing out the horrors of Antifa, it would be really nice if journalists repented of the way they covered the Tea Party.  Remember how the media falsely claimed that the Tea Party was a violent, racist organization…. even though violent outbreaks like this never happened?

Plus, the left is trying so hard to idealize this group of thugs that they actually compared them to World War II veterans.  A complete and utter absurdity.

It’s time for the media to realize they helped create this national and cultural divide by constantly maligning patriotic folks and defending the indefensible.  You can’t call good evil and evil good forever.  Eventually, it all becomes crystal clear for all to see.

h/t Twitchy

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