If you’re looking for any sort of nuanced analysis of the 2016 election, don’t tune in to CNN.   The FreeBeacon has the details of a recent “expert panel” that resulted in one of the most ham fisted political opinions ever on television.

CNN guest Michaela Angela Davis was the culprit.

Last week, in a discussion about “Roseanne,” she said that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist.  (Psssst: should we tell them that this is 2018?  Or, should we just let them keep talking? Yeah, let’s let them keep talking.  At least it shows us exactly what they think.)

Host John Berman asked if it is possible Roseanne Barr felt empowered to use brash, racist language because of President Donald Trump’s own controversial language.

“When Trump touted her ratings, almost took credit for them, they made their relationship clear,” Davis said. “And he’s made it more popular, I think, to be openly racist.”

“Tens of millions of people voted for him after he showed his cards for years,” Davis added.

“Are you suggesting that they’re racist?” Berman asked of those who voted for Trump.

“Absolutely, yes. Yes,” Davis said.

Well, at least she’s sure about the hearts of 50% of America.  Berman, however, wanted to make it even clearer. “All of the people that voted for Donald Trump are racist?”

“Yes,” she replied. “They may not all be violently racist; they may not be– [Trump’s] targeted; he’s very clear and strategic. Anti-blackness is a strategy that has been the foundation of the American project.”

Well, there you have it.  What a lazy, hateful way to interpret the election results.

Watch below:

Hat Tip: CNN

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