Midway through her race to the presidency, Hillary Clinton faces another update in her email scandal – casting further doubt on her actions during her term as Secretary of State.

The Breitbart News Network, in a combined effort with Judaical Watch,  shares the details of the most recent update. Her lies are finally catching up with her:

JW recently obtained State Department records showing that the Obama agency asked Hillary Clinton to return emails in July 2014.  This contradicts statements made in court that State only requested via a November 2014 letter (a version of which was sent to several former secretaries of state) that Mrs. Clinton return records to the State Department.  Other new emails show the State Department has separate policies for handling the documents of State Department senior officials “and the rest of the department.”

The emails are found in a batch of 189 pages of documents produced under court order in a major Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit specifically seeking all of Clinton’s emails and records about her email practices.

An astonishing email from Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s former counselor and chief of staff, to David E. Wade, then-chief of staff to Secretary of State John Kerry, shows that the State Department asked for the Clinton emails in July 2014.

From: Cheryl Mills
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2014 9:20 AM
To: Wade, David E
Cc: Visek, Richard C; Philippe Reines
Subject: Following Up

Dear David (and Rich)

I wanted to follow up on your request last month about getting hard copies of Secretary Clinton’s emails to/from accounts ending in “.gov” for her tenure at the Department.

I will be able to get that to you, to the best of its availability. Given the volume, it will take some time to do but I wanted to let you know that I am working to get it to you.

Hope you are having a great end to your summer.



(Sorry for not copying Jen, I don’t have her email).

This email makes it abundantly clear Mrs. Clinton and the State Department both knew about the July request despite court statements.

The special treatment of Hillary Clinton continued after she left the State Department.  Another email suggests the State Department provided Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers with a “two drawer safe” in which to store classified emails from the Clinton email server.  The documents also show that a report was to be prepared regarding security issues with the Clinton emails, which included a security inspection made of the Clinton lawyers’ offices.  One related email states:

Please ask the appropriate DS subject matter experts to contact [Clinton lawyer Kathleen] Turner to arrange for appointment to do a thorough security review to include physical security of area/safe in which document/electronic versions are being kept, who has access to the area/safe, do those individuals have appropriate clearances, when the electronic version is uploaded on a computer is it a stand-alone computer, when the disk/thumb drive is removed is any residual information deleted from the computer and any other appropriate questions. This review/inspection needs to be carried out as soon as possible.

Because of her position, the rules don’t apply — our government has made that very obvious.

The records also show that, as of December 2, 2014, the Select Committee on Benghazi was still in the dark about the separate Clinton email system.  Mrs. Clinton would return some of the requested emails to the State Department on December 5, 2014, but the Select Committee was not informed of this transaction until March 2015…

Last week, this same lawsuit produced records that included a State Department letter to Hillary Clinton’s lawyers that includes a list of classified records to be either deleted or returned to the State Department.  In September 2015, Judicial Watch released State Department documents showing a nearly five-month gap in the emails that Clinton chose to return to the State Department….

The State Department and Mrs. Clinton have been misleading the American people, the Congress, and the courts about when the State Department asked her for the government emails she took with her when she left State.  The new emails show that Hillary Clinton was specifically and separately asked for her government emails months earlier than what the State Department represented to the courts and what Clinton told the American people.

Despite her status, our government has an obligation to hold Hillary accountable for her actions. But while they have averted their eyes at her ill-conduct, the dedicated patriots at Judicial Watch caught her neck deep in her lies.

Our ill-functioning government likes to believe as long as they hold the power, their actions require no accountability. When in reality, the Constitution demands nothing but accountability from our leaders. The Founding Fathers set up our democratic system with intentional checks and balances: the three branches of government, the two houses, nine Supreme Court Justices, and a full separation of powers. How have we veered so far off the path of the original intent?

Americans let the government take a little at a time, a little pull here–a little tug there. These pulls and tugs became bigger over the years. And here we are now — with a presidential candidate endangering the safety of Americans by her misconduct and willfully lying about it.  Is this really acceptable?

We have the power to restore balance to our great nation and it’s about time we took back the reigns.

Click here to read the full article, more of Hillary’s emails, and an in-depth timeline of the case.

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