We’ve long known that China has a horrific track record on human rights.  Through sex selective abortion, the government has killed millions of little girls.  Through extreme religious intolerance, the government has imprisoned and killed people attempting to peacefully worship God.  And now, the evidence that the government is harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs in their custody.

China performs tens of thousands of organ transplants per year.  When questioned about this improbably high number, the government claimed these organs were taken from voluntary civilian donors. Of course, that didn’t make sense.  When pressed, they changed their story, claiming organs were from death row prisoners.

But that’s not true either.  Experts have evaluated their records and deemed them to be fake.  This means there’s an unreported, secondary source, from which the government is taking organs. 

Matthew P. Robertson, a writer for Victims of Communism, has the details of this new harrowing report:

In examining the extraordinary growth of organ transplantation and rapid availability of organs in China, the report asks one overarching question: What is the most plausible explanation for the source of the organs? The report examines the evidence of blood-testing and medical examinations of Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs in custody, and finds that extrajudicial organ sourcing from these populations is the most plausible and parsimonious explanation.

Make no mistake.  This is an ongoing tragedy, one of the worst human rights violations I can imagine.  Robertson writes:

At this stage, only the Chinese authorities are in a position to put these allegations to rest. Instead of doing so, they have co-opted international medical elites, responded with propaganda to those making the allegations, and engaged in an elaborate scheme of data falsification, creating a Potemkin voluntary donation system while continuing to offer organs on demand to paying clients. World governments have not publicly challenged China as to the source of its organs, and international medical and human rights organizations have also failed to raise public concerns as to the scale of the PRC transplant system and the real source of organs.

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Hat Tip: Victims of Communism

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