On December 14th, during the hotly contested Army-Navy football game, people went crazy when they saw cadets and midshipmen flashing “OK” Hand signs.

Liberals believed that these signs were symbols of white supremacy.

Everyone else assumed they were playing the “circle game.”  Here’s a primer for the game for all liberals who never like to have fun, ever.  One person makes the hand sign.  If another person is caught looking at the hand gesture, the second person gets punched.   (It’s like a “mean tweet” but with one’s fist.  I know – horrifying, right?)

Yeah, that’s what caused the social media uproar, the massive accusations, and the demand that all of these students get “canceled.”   

Because of the mass hysteria, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy did an investigation into the hand gestures.  They discovered, to the surprise of precisely zero rational human beings, that these cadets were not members of the KKK, but were simply goofing off:

The redacted reports released Friday by officials at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy showed that, according to investigators, the cadets were behaving unprofessionally when they flashed the hand signs in the background of an ESPN segment on national television.

“We are confident the hand gestures used were not intended to be racist in any way. However, we are disappointed by the immature behavior,” said Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Sean Buck.

The students were apparently unaware this signal has become associated in recent years with white-power extremism.  So what better way to reward their fun and games than to punish them, right?  

What a ridiculous fake controversy.  Only the most “woke” among us would assume these students would work their whole lives to get into these prestigious academies only to throw it all away by being racist on national television.

No one with any sense ever believed this.

Hat Tip: Wall Street Journal

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