What do words even mean anymore?

What do apologies mean?

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he opposed the war in Iraq from the start.  On National Public Radio, he said, “Immediately, that moment it started, I came out against the war at that moment.”

So, when did Biden oppose the war?  According to that weirdly long, stringy sentence, he opposed it “the moment it started” and “at that moment,” in case you weren’t paying attention.  

This caused the Washington Postto award him some Pinocchios.  

“A review of Biden’s statements from the 2002-2003 period finds that although he was certainly a critic, sometimes a farsighted one, of Bush’s handling of the war effort, he did not forthrightly oppose the conflict once it started,” wrote Glenn Kessler.

At the time, Biden said, “I do not believe this is a rush to war. I believe it is a march to peace and security.”

When called out for his lies, Biden “apologized.”

The Democratic presidential nomination front-runner insists he disagreed with the war “internally” even though he didn’t say so and even voted with Republicans to support the war.

“So, the misrepresentation was how quickly I said I was immediately against the war. I was against the war internally and trying to put together coalitions to try change the way in which the war was conducted,” Biden told New Hampshire’s WMUR in an interview to be broadcast later this week.

Unbelievably, the Washington Post took away some of his Pinocchios, because he “admitted mistake.”

Does anyone else think that his “explanation” that he “misspoke” is a bit hard to swallow?

Shouldn’t Biden know if he supported the war?  Shouldn’t he be held accountable for lying to the American public?

Hat Tip: Washington Post

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