New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made several bad calls in response to the Wuhan Flu pandemic, including ushering the sick into nursing homes and infecting the most vulnerable. Despite these blatant failures to protect Americans, a majority of New Yorkers approve of his response to the pandemic. 
How does he keep the citizens satisfied? 
Emotional vulnerability.
In his new book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Cuomo details how to be an effective leader in crisis. “How do you help others deal with the sense of fear and vulnerability? Show your own vulnerability first,” he explained. “If I didn’t connect emotionally with the people, they would never have the trust and confidence in me to follow my proposals.”
He often appeared on CNN in light-hearted interviews by his brother, Chris Cuomo, which angered many whose loved ones were dying because of the governor’s inattention and incompetence.
Cuomo wrote about how his brother contracted the disease in his book. “Chris’s broadcasts and my briefings were the most comprehensive and intimate communications people were receiving about this crisis, and now he was giving people a front-row seat to the disease’s devastating symptoms.” Americans “also watched me experiencing it with Chris, so they knew once again that I understood the crisis on a deeply personal level.”
Here’s an idea. Perhaps good policy would’ve been a better way to show America an understanding of the virus. Or, maybe he should’ve been governing instead of trying to make the best sellers list.
The book continues the narrative Cuomo has been pushing. He wants New Yorkers to feel like he is protecting them from Trump. He wants the stark contrast between Trump’s briefings and his own to convince America he knows the pain of the virus, and won’t downplay it, even if his policies infect the elderly in nursing homes. 
I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer strength and competence to emotional vulnerability any day. With over 33,000 New Yorkers dead, it’s time to stop congratulating this governor.

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